• CAN-SPAM Compliance

    Tag: Malicious email

    requirements for businesses and or people who are soliciting services or products via commercial mail to potential consumers

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  • Purse or wallet lost, stolen or missing

    Tag: Confidential information

    If your wallet or purse is stolen or if you left it somewhere and now it’s gone, there are several steps you should take to make sure your information is safe and secure.

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  • Stop Smartphones from Listening

    Tag: Alexa

    Many smartphone users are unaware that their phone is capable of listening to conversations, even when the screen is turned off. Some apps can mysteriously turn on the microphone function and target conversations and noise in the background to produce targeted ads. It is possible to mitigate this issue and thus reduce the risk of passive listening. Here are a few steps to help keep conversations private and out of the hands of apps and advertising companies.

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  • Privacy Impact Assessment - Seattle

    Tag: Privacy assessment

    Adapted with permission from City of Seattle's Privacy Impact Assessment template

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  • Preventing location tracking

    Tag: Mobile devices

    ways consumers can control, or protect against, location data collection

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  • Cyber incident Response Checklist - DES

    Tag: Data security

    Help for state agencies dealing with a cybersecurity incident. Private citizens will likely find “So You Think You’ve Been Hacked” more useful.

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  • Getting Started with Data.wa.gov

    Tag: Open data

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  • Data Governance Rubric - Public Schools

    Tag: Governance

    This rubric, adapted from the manual from Washington State's Superintendent of Public Instruction, is meant for use by a thrid party coach or reviewer.

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“Digital access can be the best or worst thing, depending on where you are at”

Alex Alben, The state’s chief privacy officer

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