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Purse or wallet lost, stolen or missing

If your wallet or purse is stolen or if you left it somewhere and now it’s gone, there are several steps you should take to make sure your information is safe and secure.

  • Identify lost items

    1.   Identify each object that has been lost and make a list. Potential items of interest include:

  • Notify Police

    Notify the police.

  • Cellular network tracking

    Cell network usage and cell site location information work in much of the same ways as Internet location data works.

  • Report loss to banks and credit

    Report the theft/loss to each credit card/debit card company, banks, and credit bureaus

    They will then send you new cards and stop activity on the current cards, preventing fraudulent purchases.

  • Contact each of the three national credit agencies to add a 90-day fraud alert to your credit report.

  • Report loss to government

    Reach out to state and federal agencies regarding identification cards:

  • Replace locks

    Replace locks at home if keys are lost.



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